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    My Approach

    December 21st, 2013 | General | nkruse88 | Comments Off

    DR. NATASHA KRUSE I am a licensed clinical psychologist who provides therapy to Adults and Couples. I primarily work with my clients to gain insight into their presenting problem and related issues through examining underlying patterns and behaviors.  I believe this process is essential to create positive change in people’s lives. For this change to occur, […]

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  • hug self

    Holding on to yourself in your relationship

    December 18th, 2010 | Couples | nkruse88 | Comments Off

    Often individuals in relationships look to change their partner as a way to make their relationship better.  The fact is, the more time you spend trying to change your partner and not focus on yourself, the less likely positive change in your relationship will occur.  Consider some of these tools when you are thinking about […]

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  • addiction

    Signs of Addiction

    November 17th, 2010 | Addiction | nkruse88 | Comments Off

    Many people struggle with understanding how their drinking and drug habits directly affect them and the people around them.  Here is a good resource for individuals who are considering their drinking habits or drug use and want to understand how they can change.

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